Expecting?  Ease your prenatal anxieties and set yourself up for success right from the start.  This in-home, specialized consultation will prepare you for breastfeeding your new baby (or babies!).  We’ll discuss the benefits, best practices, common concerns, and address any special needs or questions you may have - it's a private breastfeeding class customized just for you.

For many moms (even those who have past breastfeeding experiences), the first days home from the hospital can be overwhelming.  Personalized breastfeeding support from a certified lactation consultant can help resolve common challenges and set you on the path to achieve your breastfeeding goals.  During an initial home-visit (usually about 90 minutes), I will assess your baby’s (or babies') positioning and latch, discuss best practices, observe a feeding session (and do pre- and post-feed weigh-ins) and work with you to come up with a customized care plan for you and your baby/babies.  I will help address issues like a painful latch, sore or cracked nipples, engorgement and milk supply concerns.  We can discuss questions about your breastfeeding diet, how often to breastfeed, pumping routines, breastmilk storage guidelines, when to start a bottle and more.  

Home visits or telephone consults are also available for moms if they run into challenges nursing an older infant (e.g., clogged ducts, supply concerns, questions about weaning, complementary feeding, etc.)

Returning to work can be a stressful time for nursing moms.  During this one-hour consultation, we will discuss tips to maintain milk supply, pumping strategies and schedules, milk storage, and tips for caregivers.



I also provide in-person, telephone and email consults to help support you as parents on all things new baby – from questions and issues around transitioning to parenthood, understanding your baby’s cues and cries, pumping, bottle-feeding, and even how to get some treasured sleep.